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The river is a thread stretched through time. Harbor tries to explore the specificities of the territory crossed by its watercourse. Logistics, production, food. Thanks to a few participatory tools, we are taking a new look at our relationship with the river.

Emotion Map

In collaboration with theReinwardt Academy Amsterdam, we explore emotional map tools along streams





Platform dedicated to the history of urban market gardening techniques. The edges of the river are an essential source of development. Food Track tries to pull some wires. 

Food Track.png

DODOLA I by pjorkkala I Filtre à eau céramique 3D reprenant le principe de la cis d'Archimède


French Method I SonyLab & Vergers Urbain I repenser le maraichage urbain en s'inspirant de technique et savoir faire du 19eme siècle


la PRAM I BOW architecture I penser un dériveur à fond plat inspiré du monotype de Chatou

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