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September 15th at 6B ( Saint Denis ) the TECH LOW Workshop gathers the actors of 3 projects (BOW architecture, VauR308 and Bleus Paillettes) to work on the roadmap of an open research and collaboration space, accessible to other organizations or European designers.

We present the HARBOR Kit, or how to launch a micro shipyard project in your city, in your neighborhood.

The workshop is part of the Odyssée Seine Festival and the European program New European Bauhaus.

Workshop in 2 parts 

14h30-16h Presentation, 20 min per project (open meeting)

ZOOM link for the meeting

  • Vision for the project.

  • Current developments. 

  • Working hypotheses for an open collaboration by a community of actors

16H-17H30 Writing work on the roadmap

  • Towards a European cooperation program.

  • What are the objectives?

  • What can/want to be shared? 

  • Which collective animation of the project? 

  • Which partners? 

The topics 

LIVING HERITAGE : history and vision of the project

RESEARCH : the collaborative spaces open to your project (low tech technical development, eco-circular...) and their implementation. The meeting points between your two projects.

INCLUSION : How to launch a PRAM and/or VAUR micro-construction site in another city in Europe.


Lowteh et innovation, ou comment installer un atelier.


the pram

Designed by the agencyBOW architecture, the PRAM is a small dinghy.

Equity research on low-tech techniques to re-invest in yachting

  • Rigid Sail

  • Materials from re-use

  • Eco-responsible materials

  • Low tech fittings


Small dinghy inspired by the Vaurien, its plastic hull is entirely made from elements recovered at the water's edge and transformed according to the processesPrecious Plastic. 


instagram: vau.r308/ 

website : 

VAU.R arthur-Grethen_Léo-Sprimont_Construction_2022©VAU.R.jpg
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