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The first Assemblée du Fleuve was held on Thursday 14 September 2023 and focused on 3 main themes: Heritage, Change and Shared Vision. We invited artists, architects, scientists, entrepreneurs and elected representatives to share their experiences with the Blue Thread. In Paris, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Budapest and Palermo, a wide range of speakers enlivened this major debate on our desire to rekindle a conversation with the river and its shores.  Stéphane Bousquet, Regional Director of VNF, opened the debate.

Date : Thursday 14 September 2023

Location : Les Amarres, 24 quai d'Austerlitz 75013

Based around 3 main themes - Heritage, Change and Commons - we are inviting artists, architects, scientists, entrepreneurs and elected representatives to share their experiences with the blue fabric of their city. Paris, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Budapest or Palermo, come and listen to the many European voices and take part in this debate.

CONVERSATION 1  LEGACY, or a history along the water.

Avec Marit van Dijk (AHK Research Center, Amsterdam), Paul Kennouche ( Ville de Paris, JOP24 et Héritage 2025), Ida Maj Emborg (Ville de Copenhague). Animation Alexandre Mézard

The history of our cities, their construction and their development are intimately linked to their blue network. Long used for utilitarian purposes, we are now rediscovering the forgotten powers of the river.

CONVERSATION 2 CHANGE, or a time for experimentation

Avec François Rémoué (Organisateur des Assises nationales du Fleuve), Ricardo Esteban ( directeur du projet Odyssée Seine), Oscar Gonzales (Fab Lab Barcelona), le collectif Bleus Paillette, David Pap (Fab lab Budapest), Xavier Lagurgue (Architecte, associé XLGD architectures. ENSA de Paris-La-VilletteENSAP

With the arrival of the railways, rivers and watercourses were given secondary roles and innovation deserted the blue network for almost a century. Today, it is re-populating our imaginations in the face of ecological, social, economic and climatic challenges.


CONVERSATION 3  COMMON VISION, towards a network of committed players.

Avec Marie Anquez (1er Adjointe au maire de L'ile Saint Denis), Valentina Mandalari ( Mare Memoria Viva, Palerme), Daniel Purroy (Directeur artistique des Ateliers Ardoines ). Animation Vincent Guimas

Blue frame tell us what binds us together and what tears us apart. The geo-political crisis we are experiencing in Europe is the most shattering example. Towards a new common home harbor.


Laurence Baron, co-director of Relais Culture Europe Paris, will close the Assembly to give a EU and Cultural perspective to our first thoughts


Emotion networking is a participatory workshop designed to build an emotional geography of our relationship with the river.
Avec jules Rijssen (Imagine IC, Amsterdam), Jonathan Even-Zohar ( AHK Research Center, Amsterdam), Marit van Dijk ( AHK Research Center, Amsterdam). Animation Alexandre Mézard

Based on the Emotion Networking methodology developed by the Reinwart Academy (Amsterdam), we scheduled an extraordinary workshop session to tackle the issue of HERITAGE

4 tables

2 tables will work on the theme of river sites in the city

1 table will focus on river-related professions

1 table on the architecture of the river

Free registration
Alexandre Mé

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